What is the application process?

Individuals are free to file applications on their own with the VA. You are not obligated to use any representation or assistance. However, many find the VA’s rules complex and daunting, and VA personnel will not advise you of possible qualifying steps if you do not qualify directly. As an Accredited VA Claims Agent I (Russell Fox) can represent your claim to the VA and work with you hands-on and collaboratively towards a successful and quickly awarded claim. With our assistance, there are no forms or questionnaires to fill out. At no charge, we will prepare all application forms and submit your VA Benefits application on your behalf.

What role does Benefits Consulting play?

5 of every 6 applicants we help could qualify for VA Benefits but would be denied without undertaking the right steps first. Our consultation services, based on extensive knowledge of the benefits offered through the Department of Veteran Affairs, are offered to assist in your success. If you do not qualify outright, we develop with you a plan of action to ensure you get the maximum VA Benefit you are entitled to. To ensure the highest level of service and long-term care assistance, we have dedicated our resources to create relationships with assisted living facilities, at-home care providers, and other senior advocates.

NOTE: We are not attorneys or financial brokers, and we are not in the business of marketing legal or financial services. If you should need these services in your planning, we will collaborate with the professionals of your choosing.

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If you need help applying for VA benefits or need help making claims, we're here for you every step of the way as a long-term partner.

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